MATH 3560: History of Mathematics (UNSW). Taught by Professor N. J. Wildberger, this course provides an overview of the history of mathematics, in 17 lectures; meant for a broad audience, not necessarily mathematics majors. Starting with Greek mathematics, Professor N. J. Wildberger discusses Hindu, Chinese and Arabic influences on algebra; the development of coordinate geometry, calculus and mechanics; the course of geometry from projective to non-Euclidean in the 19th century; complex numbers and algebra; differential geometry; and topology. This course roughly follows John Stillwell’s book ‘Mathematics and its History’ (Springer, 3rd ed).

Lecture 1a – Pythagoras’ Theorem
Lecture 1b – Pythagoras’ Theorem (cont.)
Lecture 2a – Greek Geometry
Lecture 2b – Greek Geometry (cont.)
Lecture 3a – Greek Number Theory
Lecture 3b – Greek Number Theory (cont.)
Lecture 04 – Infinity in Greek Mathematics
Lecture 5a – Number Theory and Algebra in Asia
Lecture 5b – Number Theory and Algebra in Asia (cont.)
Lecture 6a – Polynomial Equations
Lecture 6b – Polynomial Equations (cont.)
Lecture 7a – Analytic Geometry and the Continuum
Lecture 7b – Analytic Geometry and the Continuum (cont.)
Lecture 08 – Projective Geometry
Lecture 09 – Calculus
Lecture 10 – Infinite Series
Lecture 11 – Mechanics and the Solar System
Lecture 12 – Non-Euclidean Geometry
Lecture 13 – The Number Theory Revival
Lecture 14 – Mechanics and Curves
Lecture 15 – Complex Numbers and Algebra
Lecture 16 – Differential Geometry
Lecture 17 – Topology

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